The Extraordinarily Human Face of Elizabeth I: A 'Lost' Portrait Reviewed

The Extraordinarily Human Face of Elizabeth I: A 'Lost' Portrait Reviewed
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The Extraordinarily Human Face of Elizabeth I: A 'Lost' Portrait Reviewed

May 19 2019 | 00:54:50

Episode May 19, 2019 00:54:50

Show Notes

In this month's episode, Sarah speaks with Florence Evans, Director at The Weiss Gallery in London, about an extraordinary portrait of a relatively young Elizabeth. Recently surfaced from private ownership, this hitherto largely unseen portrait is hauntingly beautiful, and shows a deeply contemplative, very human Elizabeth, (before the mask of Gloriana was contrived to elevate her status to that of the untouchable 'Virgin Queen'). We explore the provenance of the painting and just what this has to tell us about this iconic monarch. The blog article accompanying this conversation (containing notes and an image of the picture in question) can be found here.


In the second half of the podcast, Claire Ridgeway, author, blogger and all round Boleyn expert, explores her favourite Tudor destination with Sarah: Hever Castle, in Kent. Listen to Claire's favourite things to see and top tips for planning your visit.


Finally, watch out for our new feature: The Tudor Travel Guide news desk, with all the latest breaking news from the 16th and 20th centuries. Enough to bring a smile to even the dreariest day!


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