Mary Boleyn: A Tudor Beauty Unveiled!

Mary Boleyn: A Tudor Beauty Unveiled!
The Tudor History & Travel Show
Mary Boleyn: A Tudor Beauty Unveiled!

Jun 06 2020 | 00:27:41

Episode June 06, 2020 00:27:41

Show Notes

In another Tudor Travel Show: Extra, Sarah catches up with Justin Davies of the Jordeans Van Dyck Panel Painting Project (JVDPPP) to talk about an exciting and recent discovery in the Tudor world: the reattribution of a painting from being that of an ‘of an unknown woman’ to being that of Mary Boleyn. It’s a wonderful story of an adventure in time…tune in to hear all about it!


If you wish to view a picture of this portrait and the one of Lady Herbert (mentioned in the podcast) follow this link to 'The Tudor Travel Guide' blog.


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Presenter: Sarah Morris

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